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Helping Meeting  Planners, Travelers and People who just want to have a good time connect with great hotels, venues and events.

Our company was formed to help the out Business Owner Operators who do not have a budget for a traditional Sales Department.

Why let the competition get all the business?  We can help your business get noticed for a fraction of the cost it would take to attend the major  association functions.  Plus we already have the corporate contacts needed to compete with today's competition.

That is why we have created Hospitality H.E.L.P.E.R.S.. We want to assist you in these areas and provide ample sales representation at a minimal cost. 


Customer Service & Sales Training

You spent millions on that new renovation for your hotel, but how much have you spent on training your staff to sell that hotel?

With over 20 years experience in the industry, our staff is ready to help you make the best of your staff.

We offer personalized individual and group training and consulting.


 Sales Sidekick - Interactive Facts Sheets

Be the first on your block to have a new up and coming sales tool that brings all of our services into one.

- You can't afford not to have one -

ask us for more information


Social Media

Social media has become a key ingredient in hotel Internet marketing. From reviews, to videos, to profiles, it allows shoppers and guests to interact with one another and connect with your property on a more personal level.

With all the new social media means coming to into the world everyday, it's hard to stay on top of it.  Let us help you manage your social media.  Don't get left behind because you are not sure how to work it.  Remember, you need to get your fair share and social media is part of the action plan of today.


We have a NEW internet link program, and you may be eligible to become a part of it.

We will send out multiple mailers directing potential customers to your reservation website, franchise jump page, home website or wherever you prefer. All we need to start this process is the URL you would like to have linked (Please Note: Franchise jump page websites are easiest to track).

I know your next question is, How Much? Well, that’s the best part. You can get this service for less than the cost of one reservation per month. Below are a couple different price structures for you to choose which one will best fit your budget:

Monthly Payments - $59.00 for one hotel


Special Discount for up front Annual Payment - $599.00 (Savings of over $100.00)


Photography & Virtual Tours

Need new photos of your facilities?  Want to show off your photos in a new way?  We can help.  With our award winning photographers on staff to help, you can be assured your hotel will be shown at its best.


Consulting/Business Overview

We will evaluate your business and give you the necessary tools to create an action plan to grow your business.  Any business can  benefit from our basic tools, expertise and knowledge.