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"We are kickin ass!!!
I don't know what you are doing but it is certainly showing results....besides looking at simply the index, look at the percent improvement in all three catagories (ADR, Occ, RevPar). We show greatest improvement compared to our comp set." ~ KP

"Jean was an outstanding contributor to our team at the Residence Inn. In very tough economic times, her direct efforts kept our hotel ahead of others in our market in all the key measures- occupancy percentage, average rate and revenue per available room. She did this by opening new market segments we had not penetrated in the past. Her production numbers, while I cannot make public, earned her a Marriott Golden Circle Award. The most coveted sales award.   Jean's a leader and a team player. She is creative, intelligent, and enjoyable to work with. She is a person of strong character, with an excellent work ethic and great balance in her life. " - Lee Sechler, Marriott

" We fly under the radar and are relatively difficult to find.  This did not deter Jean.  She can explain the lengths to which she went to make contact, but what I heard was impressive.  I am the president of business development for Phoenix Building Group and I wish all of our sales people would go to these lengths to track down a possible sale." - Jeff Bowles, Phoenix Building Group

"I for one, am grateful you are on our team (and not the competition), because you have not even gone through our training program yet and you are knocking the socks off of a customer!" - Victoria Radke - Formerly Marriott - Choice Hotels International 

"I am not sure how many ways I can say thank you for everything you are doing for me.  I wish more of the hotels that I work with could be as easy and wonderful to work with as you are." - J Harris

"You were most helpful and I am so glad we chose you." - Glenda L

"Thank you so much, you have been a pleasure to work with" - Shon Schreiber, Grays Harbor College