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Founding Partner: 

Jean Olson Piersanti, CHA

Mrs. Piersanti began her career in the hospitality industry by chance on July 4th, 1994.  A friend needed help answering phones on a busy holiday weekend and she was available.  She offered to help and never left. She started out as a front desk agent and climbed up the hotel ladder from there.  She has worked in every aspect of the hotel, including management of housekeeping & maintenance.  Being able to withstand a franchise conversion, she feels she can accomplish anything the industry has for her.  In 2003, earning a CHA, while being a Director of Sales and never managing a hotel, was one of her proudest moments in the industry.  Her passion is Sales & Marketing.  She has seen many of the larger franchises dominate the tour & travel industry and formed this company to put some of the smaller hotels on a level playing field.  She has formed multiple relationships with many top tour & travel companies.  She is well respected in and around the tour & travel scene.  When asked what is her most proudest momemt of her life she responded with "having my beautiful son and starting this company, they are my babies and I will take care of them both and make them the best I can".  With goals like that, how can she not succeed in all she does?